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MWS 2019 Fall Show Agreement


Miami Watercolor Fall 2019 Prospectus. The Rules in this prospectus allow the Artist considerable latitude in watermedia rendering, yet give the exhibition a controlled presentation of all artists’ works on display. In addition, they facilitate the intake, hanging and pick-up procedures. It is the Artist’s responsibility to follow all the rules of the Exhibition. Size: 

  • Maximum, Framed: 40” x 40” OR 1600 square inches 
  • Minimum, Framed: 16” x 20”; Maximum Weight: 20 lbs.
  • No miniatures or images smaller than 9″x12” accepted (framed to 16″x20”)
  • 3D watercolor works on watercolor paper must also comply with the following: Min size 12x10x4”; max 28x18x10”; work must be wired to hang on wall.


  • Maximum depth: 4” Maximum width: 2.5”
  • Crosswire large frames for structural strength.
  • Use single twisted wire for hanging.
  • All works must have Plexiglas glazing only, NO GLASS.
  • Standard metal (silver or gold in color) or plain wood frames (NO bright colors).
  • Current exhibition entry tag must be placed on upper right corner on back of painting.


  • One (1), two (2) and three (3) mats allowed.
  • Primary mat must be white or off-‐white.
  • Colored liner mats must be a SOLID color with no more than ¼” color exposed.
  • Mounted or floated painting in the frame must be against a white or off-‐white background.
  • No colored backing allowed showing around painting.


  • All works must be rendered on PAPER support, including paper-mounted board, Yupo, and watercolor canvas.
  • No silk or other materials allowed.
  • Diptych or triptych entries must be within a single frame.
  • ALL WORK must be original, executed without instruction. No prints or computer enhanced work. No work copied from any copyrighted material other than the Artist’s.
  • Artwork must be signed and the signature must be visible.
  • Painting must NOT have been shown in any previous Miami Watercolor Society Exhibition.
  • Painting must have been painted within two calendar years prior to this exhibition.
  • Subject Matter: No nudes or political statements.


Miami Watercolor Society will handle paintings with all possible care; however the society will not accept responsibility for loss or damage.


The term “watermedia” includes any combination of water soluble pigments, except oil, that mix with water. The following are acceptable:

  • Transparent watercolor, acrylics, casein, gouache, tempera, watercolor crayons or pencils.
  • No pastels, graphite or color pencil can constitute more than 25% of the painting.
  • Work must be UNVARNISHED. No water mixable oil products.
  • Water media collage works are acceptable, but no print or non-paper material pieces can be part of the collage.

Commissions on Sales:

Miami Watercolor Society will charge 30% commission on all painting sold. Please price your artwork accordingly. All paintings are considered to be for sale unless listed as NFS (Not for Sale) in the submitted entry form. Paintings marked POR (Price on Request) will be considered NFS.

Late Pickup: MWS will charge $25 per day for late pickup.


  • A digital file or photograph taken prior to framing is required. Send the jpg via email or CD by the postmarked date with your entry form to
  • Once accepted, paintings cannot be removed from the exhibition prior to closing date.
  • Your painting may be used for publicity purposes.
  • No Refunds or Cancellations.


Signing the entry form shall constitute an agreement to comply with all of the conditions set forth herein, as well as a commitment to participate. Once accepted into the exhibition a painting cannot be removed until the exhibition concludes. Additionally, your painting may be used on our website or for promotion or publicity purposes.

Digital image submission: All images must be 1800 pixels on the longer side. 300 dpi. No larger than 1 MB. 

How to name your image: doe_jane_paintingname.jpg

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