The Miami Watercolor Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose membership consists of a broad spectrum of water media painters ranging from professionals, teachers and those who simply paint for the joy of it, as well as patrons of the arts. This culturally diverse Society informs and educates members and others by providing exhibitions, community education, student’s exhibitions, senior citizen’s activities, demonstrations, and publications.

Officers & Committee Chairs 2019-2021

Co-Presidents: Cathy Miller & Andi Miller
1 st Vice President: Wendy Kornfield
2 nd Vice President: Marilyn Johansen
3 rd Vice President: Jan DeJong
Recording Secretary: Katherine Leathers
Corresponding Secretary: Pat Collins
Membership Secretary: Fabiano Santos
Treasurer Liaison: Rosie Brown
Trustees: Kim Foster, Marilyn Valente
Grant Secretary Diane Lary & Heather MacArthur
Advertising/Publicity: Diane Lary
Historian: Marilyn Liedman
Hospitality: Patricia Chiappo
Library: Meudy Armada
Student /Teacher Program: Donna Underwood
Newsletter: Kim Foster
Social Media Editor: Rosie Brown
Sunshine: Nancy VIar

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