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This is where you can find a list of what’s happening with the Miami Watercolor Society.

For more information just pull down the Happenings menu above to view Exhibitions, Workshops, Classes, Paint Outs and special events such as our annual student show Impressions in Watercolor, and our yearly MDCPS Art Educator workshop.

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smile amazon MWS charity newFor each purchase you make on an eligible Amazon Smile item Amazon will donate 0.5% to Miami Watercolor Society.

After you sign up and select a charity (Miami Watercolor Society) you will see who you are “supporting” under the search bar when you shop

Having trouble renaming your photos or uploading them to Formstack? We’ve added an instructional video on the restricted (password protected) members only page to help you. Minimized for ideal viewing on iPad and iPhones. You must login with your 2015/2016 password.

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