Fall 2012 Exhibition

Juror’s Statement

The Miami Watercolor Society is fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented watercolor artists! I was impressed by the ability of so many of the artists to paint well in more than one style/genre; this did not make my job easy, especially when I had to eliminate one right off the bat from those artists who submitted two paintings. This is how I juried the work: I look first for overall skill and quality of the work. I then look at composition and value. I then look at creativity in design or idea. The last thing I look for is whether I would want to live with the piece—would I enjoy looking at it every day in my own home or work space? I tried to be balanced in my choices throughout the show. I am a realist painter focusing primarily on tropical florals, but was really drawn to the strong portrait paintings in the show. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your exhibition, and best wishes in your pursuit of artistic expression! – Kathleen Alexander