44th Annual Fall Exhibition – Fall 2016

The level of artwork in the Miami Watercolor Society Exhibition was excellent and wonderfully diverse. It was an honor to jury the show. I only wish I could have given more awards to all the wonderful artists who entered the show.
– Suzanna Winton

Best in Show – Bonnie Wolsky, Palmscape
First Place – Cathy Allsman, Ladders Surrounding
Second Place – Dottie Greene, Garden Splendor
Third Place – Jorge Leon, Happy Geikos
Signature Award: Thomas Rebek, Krystal Kat
First Honorable Mention: Linda Van Leer, Dudley’s Farm
Second Honorable Mention: Perla Gonzalez, Cirqua de Lune
Third Honorable Mention: Rita Szopinski, Water Melons
Fourth Honorable Mention: Nicole Chin, Storm

Fall 2016 Exhibiting Artists

Allsman, Cathy, Ladders Surrounding
Bayer, Ellen California Sunset
Bernhardt, Joan, Morning Sun
Brown, Judy, Ladies on YUPO
Brown, Rosie, Return to Wynwood
Chacon, Elizabet, The Bird Feeder
Chin, Nicole, Storm
Collins, Pat, Island Sail
De Jong, Janice, Tangled
Ferraro, Marie, Flowers of the Blackberry Jam Fruit Tree
Foster, Kim, Zoe’s European Tour
Garber, Bobbie, War is Hell
Gomez, Vivian, Come Back to Capri
Gonzalez, Perla, Cirqua de Lune (Moon Cirque)
Gorham, Karon, Dragon Fly
Greene, Dottie, Garden Splendor
Johansen, Marilyn, Squatters
Keepax, John, A Gothic Perspective
Lary, Diane, Raining Sea Grapes
Leathers, Katherine, Croton 2

León, Jorge, Happy Geikos
Lieber, Linda, The Rain in Spain
Liedman, Marilyn, Quiet Interlude
Lindgren, Carolyn, North Carolina Stream #1
Lowhar, Jenny, Sketchy
Miller, Andi, 51st and Third
Miller, Catherine, Does That Come with Tomatoes?
Mulrooney, Terry A., Nila
Pober, Bettyann, Mood Indigo #2
Rebek, Thomas, Krystal Kat
Seymour, Tammy, Fire in the Everglades
Sidner, Sal, Lassiti Flowers
Szopinski, Rita, Water Melons
Tinney, Jane, Friends in the Coral Reef
Underwood, Donna, Namibia
Valiente, Marilyn, Spiritual Journey #2
Van Leer, Linda, Dudley Farm
Walsh, Sandra, Steve’s Stories
Webb, Mary Jane, Blooming
Wolsky, Bonnie, Palmscape

* Denotes Award Winner